What is Renown?

There are lots of great free sites out there, but the dirty little secret is that many are quietly selling your personal information to advertisers and marketers behind your back. That's how they keep their websites and services free, but some of them are making billions of dollars and they're not giving you a dime!

Renown gives you what you deserve - your piece of the action.

Connect Renown to the sites and smart devices you use, and we'll partner with you to get you paid the same way the giant corporations are getting paid. Only this time, you control what information is private and what you want to share. The more you share,
the more you could make.

Renown pays you for being you!

How it Works

Renown lets you get paid in a number of ways. The best part is that YOU get to choose how you participate - from the accounts you connect to the things you do inside Renown.


Connect your smart devices like the Jawbone Up24, Nest, and more


Share your thoughts and opinions in online surveys and focus groups

It's all up to you. You could take 5 minutes to connect your social accounts and make money doing what you already do today. Or, if you wanted to turn up your earning potential, you could connect more accounts or spend a little time each week doing quick surveys. It's up to you!

Once you're connected, you choose what kinds of data you want to share with our partners, and what you don't. Then we get to work finding ways to make you money! We partner with quality companies who are looking to pay for your data for various uses - from simple research to offers related to things you like. They tell us what data they're looking for and if it's you, you get paid!

It's that easy.